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Vet Behavioural Therapy
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DSCN1741Help, I need a behavioural consult for my dog/cat, what do I need to do?
  • Talk to your regular vet for a pet health check first, there are some behavioural problems that are caused by a medical disease
  • You can ask your vet for a referral
  • You can also contact me directly but please be aware that I will recommend a health check at the vets to rule out any medical issues that may be making the behaviour worse or causing it.

Where are consults done?

  • Behaviour consults are done at your home. All members of the family are welcome and encouraged to attend along with the problem pet/s
  • I am based in Oamaru and also cover Timaru and Dunedin. I am happy to see cases outside of these areas but will charge a higher fee that reflects increased travel and time. Please, contact me and we can discuss this.


What happens?

  • Before arranging a consult, a questionnaire will be sent to you for completion. It will ask for basic information including medical history, training, daily routine and details of the behaviour problem itself. Return this and I will be in touch with dates and times.
  • You are welcome to take videos of your pets behaviour but please do not intentionally create situations that cause your pet to be aggressive or frightened – it is not necessary and will worsen the problem. Videos can be emailed.
  • Consultations are 3 hours. This time is needed to fully go through all aspects of your pets’ behaviour so that everyone understands why it is happening and how it can be changed. It is important that everyone is confident carrying out the treatment plan. It also gives me a good piece of time to assess your dog’s behaviour and temperament.
  • A behavioural modification plan will be made taking into account your pet and your particular household and lifestyle.  Step-by-step instructions for managing and changing your pets’ behaviour form the basis of a modification plan. A copy of the report and plan will be sent to you. A letter will be sent to your usual vet team.
  • Please be aware that often with behavioural problems as with lots of medical problems we do not achieve a complete cure – there is never a guarantee that a problem will not resurface or something may go wrong that you couldn’t control – we aim to manage a problem within acceptable levels for the safety of people and animals while reducing as much as possible the fear or anxiety experienced by the pet.

Will my pet need drugs?

  • Sometimes a behavioural problem will require medication to help the pet to be calm or reduce anxiety or fear so that a treatment plan can be worked on. In this case a recommendation will be made, and your regular vet will be in charge of dispensing the medication. You will need to visit your vet before medication is started.
  • Any medications or blood tests recommended are not included in the cost of the consultations and are done at your regular vet clinic.

Then what …?

  • Phone follow-up and email updates are free. This allows for monitoring of medications prescribed and of progress of the modification plan, enabling changes to be made and problems you may be experiencing to be solved.
  • Some cases may need specific training – I am happy to do this or will recommend a trusted trainer in your area. Training or follow up visits are billed hourly, but you can have as many as you need.

Consultation Fees:


Behavioural consult $300 (3hours)

Travel to Timaru / Dunedin $50

Follow-up visits or training session $65 per hour

Please note that cases outside of my usual consulting areas will be quoted higher  prices than shown here, reflecting the addition of travel charges. Please get in touch so we can discuss your particular situation

Telephone/email follow-up $0

Gee with Kong


Behavioural consult $250 (3hours)

Travel to Timaru / Dunedin $50

Follow-up visits or training sessions(!) $60 per hour

Please note that cases outside of my usual consulting areas will be quoted higher  prices than shown here, reflecting the addition of travel charges. Please get in touch to discuss your particular situation

Telephone/email follow-up $0


All fees are to be paid in full by cash at each consult. I do not provide credit or payment plans so please do not ask as refusal often offends. Bank transfers are accepted by prior arrangement – please let me know. I cannot accept EFTpos or credit cards at the moment. There is no cancellation fee but courtesy is appreciated please give 24hours notice.

Not sure about something or want more information? … Please Contact me

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