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Vet Behavioural Therapy
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Love your pet but not their behaviour?

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Are you concerned about your dog or cat’s behaviour?

You have come to the right place ... not all bad behaviour is due to a lack of training (in fact, almost all behavioural problems can happen even with proper training)

Puppy, kitten, adult cat or dog ... it is best to get onto behaviour problems as soon as possible to prevent unnecessary mental and physical stress or injury. Whilst early is certainly better, you can teach an old dog new tricks so get help. Cats are also trainable!

Vet behavioural treatment and advice question or problem is silly. Confidential and individual. I also provide advice and support around decisions for euthanasia of an animal with a behavioural problem.

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Good behaviour starts with good mental and physical health

There are medical conditions that can change your pet's behaviour. There are also mental conditions that influence your pet's behaviour. These emotional and mental health cases require behavioural modification and medication and will not really change with training alone.

The cause of the problem needs to be identified correctly to start the treatment in the correct direction.

Your concerns will be dealt with professionally and taken seriously.

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Dog jumping up? Pulling on lead? Help is here

Haven’t we all at some time or another wished our dog or cat would do something different? There are ways to help you to a solution.  

There are no quick-fixes but there are options and answers … you don’t have to struggle alone with a problem pet.

Behaviour that is unwanted, dangerous or a nuisance is stressful for you and stressful for your pet. Anxiety and stress can have an ongoing effect on your pet's health.

Fear-free, force-free, positive training and behavioural exercises for a happier, healthier and harmonious relationship with your pet

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